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Over 10 years experience of marketing auto and truck parts, SUDES becomes one of the leading traders in China, enjoying high reputation for stable quality, competitive prices, fast delivery and considerable service. SUDES first and foremost superiority lies in solid and close cooperation with the most reliable and best manufactories in China. SUDES staff  keeps checking quality in factory work site for customers.
SUDES offers spare parts for most famous auto/truck models in Asian, African, European and American Market.

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  • Skype:  sudes005
  • Skype:  anniewang999
  • Whats app:008613851189835

Hot Products

LP4825-Air Compressor
*LP4825 *VOLVO
5320-3509015-Air Compressor
*5320-3509015/887001354 *KAMAZ
3151246031-Clutch Bearing
*3151246031 *MERCEDES-BENZ
4613170080-Foot Brake Valve
*4613170080 *MERCEDES BENZ
9061304315- Air Compressor
*9061301315/9061304315 *MERCEDES-BENZ
 11281748131-belt tensionr pulley
*11281748131/883002041 *BMW
4613152480- Foot Brake Valve
*0044315905 *MERCEDES-BENZ
4410501210-Leveling Valves Sensors